Animal Insurance Claims

An amusing report has come to light from Saga which identifies some of the most bizarre incidents over the last year that have lead to people making a claim from their car insurance providers. Ever parked up your Chrysler Pt Cruiser and checked for wild horses? Well maybe you should, for if there are some around, you might need to think twice as apparently they have a pretty big appetite for paint jobs.

One man found out the hard way last year, after he parked up, he went for a hike, and upon returning he found 12 horses surrounding his used car and licking the paintwork to the point that it was actually coming off. The damage ended up costing £1,200. A cow was also a guilty party when it escaped from its cattle show when it uprooted its post and legging it through the car park. The cow’s bid for freedom cost an insurance company £1,500. There have been further costly incidents including a low flying duck, wild deer and a naughty cat that got under someones bonnet and damaged the engine, costing a whopping £4,000.