Used Cars

Are you looking to purchase a used vehicle?

Opting for a used model rather than a brand new one can save you thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds.

It is worth remembering a few things however before you commit to buying, particularly if you are dealing with a private seller.

Firstly, if the vehicle is more than three years old, check with the seller when it was last MOT tested. If it’s been tested recently (and passed of course) then you can put your mind at ease that you’re unlikely to encounter any problems in the near future.

However, if the car hasn’t been MOT tested for say 11 months (meaning it would need a new MOT in just a month) then it would be worth asking the seller to renew the certificate before you buy. If you don’t, you’re a little in the dark about the true condition of the vehicle and could be hit with big repair bills when you take it to be MOT tested yourself. An MOT is inexpensive in the context of a car sale, so the seller should make no complaints if they have nothing to hide. Local prices of MOT tests can be compared at

sorentoAnother important factor to take into account is the number of miles that the car has covered. Of course, this in some way is a balancing act; generally the more miles on the clock, the cheaper a car should be (in relative context to the make and model). However don’t just think about the price; a used Kia Sorento with mileage of around 80,000 may cost only half or even a third of the price of a Sorento which has covered 20,000 miles. But once you factor in the potential cost of repairs, as well as residual values, the cheapest price might not always be the best deal.

Moreover, be sure to inspect a vehicle in person before you buy. Images can be deceiving, and the only way to ensure that a car is in decent condition is to check for yourself.

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